About Us

Bushfire Connect is an online bushfire crisis service presenting real time information submitted by local community members and emergency agencies.

Our goal is to establish a reliable, dynamic and timely resource for people in fire threatened or damaged areas to enhance and extend the utility of official data sources.

The Bushfire Connect website maps fire related incidents added by people via SMS, email, Twitter, smart phone applications or through the website. People in remote areas needing information quickly can receive customized, automatic SMS alerts direct to their phones.

Bushfire Connect overcomes the limitations with the current, official fire alert services by improving timeliness and relevance of data by empowering tens of thousands of people to contribute a human intelligence stream of content including text, images and video.

The system is a central repository collecting crowd-sourced incident data and layering it with information from official sources.

Bushfire Connect has been developed using Ushahidi, an open-source platform developed in Kenya and most recently used in Haiti and the Queensland floods.

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More information: see Maurits van der Vlugt or Keren Flavell

Important Notice

BUSHFIRE CONNECT is no longer in operation

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